About me

I’m a lawyer, a parent, a partner, an activist and a woman. And I am trans.
I know, people tend to focus on the trans thing, but let me tell you: Yes it is part of my identity, but it is not my entire identity, and it most definitely doesn’t define, who I am as a human.

“be kind and respectful to each other”

Besides my job in law, I am active in local trans communities and online, trying to help others where I can. I transitioned only later in life, because of fear of social stigma, anxiety, denial and self hate, which kept me from being true to myself earlier.
I decided to create this website for two reasons.

“It is ok to be you, you are a beautiful soul and perfect the way you are”

For one, I want to try and give others who are in similar situations some inspiration and confidence, that in spite of all the struggles that come with being trans, especially if you realize only later in life, it is still always worth it to be true to oneself and stop hiding and show the world who they really are
And – just as important – to give people, who have no trans or queer people in their daily lives the chance to get to know about us firsthand, get in touch and see that we are neither some comic relief characters as media depicts trans people way too often and easily, nor are “just confused” or have “just a fetish”, and definitely not the monsters, some people try to frame us for for their own political gain.

“Trans people are people. They deserve the same respect as everyone”

Trans people are just regular humans trying to life their life in peace, and already face enough problems without being the targets of hate and discrimination, and all we want is the same basic human rights as all persons. This is the message I wanna spread and I am sure, showing people who we are is the way to fight prejudice and injustice.
So take the chance, get to know me, get in touch and let’s all just be kind to each other.