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by | Nov 9, 2023 | General Thoughts, Trans* Topics

So, here it finally is. My own space for my blog, free of limitations. So what to write as a first post? I mean, I want to get people interested, not scare anyone away. I guess I’ll stick to the classic “what to expect”

Those of you who follow me on insta will probably already know the answer to some extend, but for those of you, who came here another way, let’s see:
The main purpose of this blog is to spread visibility and awareness about trans people and show the world that we’re just normal persons trying to live our lives. I believe the best way to do that is by actually showing the world how I live my life (smart move, don’t you think?). So I’ll try to post regularly and mostly about the things that happen in my life, ordinary struggles as well as extraordinary experiences.

I will try as best I can to add some background or info about the topics I write about and share some of my general thoughts on it as well and thus make a connection between my personal life and the “bigger picture”.

This inevitably leads to two facts:

  1. Opinions I share are my own an can never be seen as axiomatic truths that apply to all trans persons, simply because we are not a homogeneous group, but individuals from all demographic groups.
  2. The topics that will be in focus will shift over time. To give an example, a few months ago I was struggling a lot with mental health, so I wrote a lot about it , but since I feel much better currently, it is less prominent of a topic atm.

Like I said, my goal here is not to educate or to judge or to make myself look good but to be authentic. Authentic and real. So I hope you’ll stay, subscribe and get on this journey with me. And don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, either in the comments, or on the contact page


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