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Tomorrow on 20th of November it’s the international Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR). In advance, the whole week has been trans awareness week. It is no coincidence that I wanted to launch my website during this week, I am trying to raise awareness after all.
Sadly, me being busy with getting ready to launch has lead to me not being able to actually write or blog about it. That’s pretty sad, but I didn’t want to postpone the launch any longer.

So better late than nothing I’ll talk a little bit about it. If anyone wants more background info, wikipedia – as it is so often – is a good place to start. ( )
Unlike trans day of visibility, where we celebrate our lives and show the world, we are here and always have been, trans day of remembrance is about those who are no longer here. Those who were not just discriminated and attacked like almost all trans persons are, but who have been murdered in cold blood, simply for being who they were. Killed, just because someone couldn’t accept the fact that trans people exist. We remember them, we mourn them, we vow to fight for a better society where it’s no longer possible for fascists to spread hate into minds of people and cause violence. It is not a happy day. It is an angry day. Because we have to fight a fight, we should not have to fight. We should not have to fight for and defend our basic human rights. We should not have to fight for acceptance and respect by the society. And yet we have to. We have no choice. Because there are people who hate us, just because we are alive.

So, please, if you can, take a moment tomorrow to think about all those lives lost to hate and remember them. Or if you can, attend a local gathering. I myself will be attending the protest in vienna


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