Well, it’s been a month, although I have to say it doesn’t feel like it. So many things have happened and I’ve been so busy that time flew by. So it’s time for an update. I don’t even really know where to start tbh. There has been a huge fight, a breakup, a new apartment, a new love, a romantic getaway, christmas and the start of my burnout and ptsd rehab. And some things I probably forgot. So yeah, upheaval is probably a fitting description for this month. To be honest, if I look at the last 3 months, “nuked my whole life” sounds like an even better description. But like a phoenix, I am already rising out of the ashes again and will rebuild my life, better than it was before.

But that is for another post. I hope I can finally find the time to blog more frequently and write about everything that is important for me to share, but for now, I just want to give you an update how things went.
So yeah, Liara and me are no longer a couple, we broke up after a huge fight. I don’t wanna go into detail about that, bc yeah, it didn’t end on the best of terms and both sides made mistakes and this is nothing that should be discussed in public (unless both agree to at some point).

But the breakup also put a huge dent in all my plans. After all, we wanted to move into the new apartment together and don’t forget, she also was my webdesigner and I couldn’t have started this website without her (probably also a reason why I took so long to write something here again).
But as the Beatles said so philosophically, “ob la dee, ob la da, life goes on”, and so I planned to move in alone and enjoy the single life, focus on dating men and maybe find a roommate to help with rent. But it wouldn’t be me and my life if things would go according to plan. I had already installed a dating app, got a ton of likes and some promising matches and also already a casual date scheduled, but then, well, things happened. I wrote to a friend I know (online) for two years and have chatted a few times, because she was also going through a breakup according to her insta. We said, it’s finally time to meet irl and she invited me to her place and we had planned to just have a fun day and rant about our exes. Weeeeeeell, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell, but we ended up doing a lot more than just kissing. Long story short, my single life lasted for exactly 3 days (I know what you think).   

We have spontaneously spent a romantic getaway weekend for my birthday 2 weeks ago and we are both madly in love with each other. So, naturally, I ditched the plans of getting a roommate. The apartment is kinda half-furnished, but since yesterday I’m on rehab so it will probably stay that way. Rehab – as much as I was looking forward to it – comes at a very bad time now tbh, new apartment and new girlfriend….not the ideal time to be away for 6 whole weeks with just 2 days of leave (new yer’s eve and one saturday end of january.  But hey, I’ve been working out long distance with Liara too. And what really gives me positive thoughts: I have a possible moving in of my new girlfriend to look forward to after rehab. 

So much for the quick update, hope all of you beautiful souls spent some wonderful days or – if you didn’t celebrate christmas, have been free from any bad feelings, you made it another year, be proud of yourself.

xoxo, your galpal Val


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